Often in life the things that can make life easier also quite expensive. It is the case with most of the portable mobility units that are on the market today. At times insurance can pick up some of the cost related to a medically necessary scooter, but what about times when they won’t. Having direct access to warehouse direct low prices could potentially save you a bunch on your new portable scooter.

Having the freedom to go places like you haven’t in a whilecan be a refreshing feeling. Just as not needing assistance from others or using such devices as a walker that can be somewhat limiting. Portable scooters give you back the ability to do what has become challenging. Unlike walkers, they won’t leave you needing to take a break. They come in many different models and come equipped with several upgraded features if you so choose. All these stuff can be had at a deep discount thanks to the Portable Mobility Company. They have been supplying brands such as Scout and Luggie at discounted cost for about five years. These brands are staples in the scooter market. Many prefers these brands for their mobility needs


What to look for in a new mobility scooter

Since the market is diverse in selection some key features to look for in a new scooter could be:

· The battery makeup

· The comfort of the seat

· Foldable

· Ease of storage

· Remote control operation

· Weight capacity


These items change from brand to brand and are something that every new owner of a portable scooters should look. The best battery you can get would be the lightweight lithium ion battery. It is available on the higher end models but is well worth it for the weight saving, long lasting life. Some scooters such as the Scout plus have removable batteries for easy storage and charging. Each seat is different and depends on what you are looking. Some feature deluxe cushions that will allow you to ride comfortably. You will also feel supported at all times. Not all scooters provide folding capabilities as well as remote control operation. These are a deluxe model feature but could be well worth the investment, especially when you can get one at a warehouse price. Lastly, the weight capacity between types changes, and can accommodate for just about anyone. If portable scooters have been something of interest to you, look no further than the Portable Mobility. They will keep you on moving.